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  • NFTY-NE Leadership Kallah

    Hi NFTY-Northeast!!! We are so excited to see you at Virtual Leadership Kallah on May 14-16, the final event of the NFTY year. The event is open to grades 8-12 and is a great chance to welcome in younger NFTY generations as we say farewell to our seniors.  We hope

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  • NFTY NE Spring Conclavette (SPRONC) Recap

    By Jess Miller, Recording Secretary, NFTY-NE From March 19th to March 21th, NFTY-NE held its annual Spring Conclavette (SPRONC). At Virtual SPRONC this year there were 10 programs and over 100 NFTYites. The theme of SPRONC was growth and we looked deeper into the aspect of “Growth” in different ways

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