Blog  Mazel Tov to This Year’s JOSTY Personnel!

Mazel Tov to This Year’s JOSTY Personnel!

We are excited to announce the personnel for the 2016 JOSTY Shul-In! These teens have been chosen due to their demonstrated enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, and love of NFTY Northeast. They will make great role models for the 6-8th grade participants at the JOSTY Shul-In!

  • Cam Adler, BATY
  • Alex Breinan, GRSLY
  • Zoe Coelho, GRSLY
  • Zane Diamond, GRSLY
  • Rae Freeman, TASTY
  • Sarah Fromer, WAFTY
  • Jacob Gendelman, LEFTY
  • Rose Gibney, CONTY
  • Julius Gordon, BAYGL
  • Sarah Gotbetter, BELY
  • Ione Heigham, LEFTY
  • Darya Herscovici, BATY
  • Alyssa Jellenik, TECSY
  • Jess Kaplan, BELY
  • Ethan Karp, the Shalomites
  • Noah Kurland, TASTY
  • Josh Lees, BELY
  • Jen Monderer, TEMTY
  • Andrew Morgon, TECSY
  • Liz Mulligan, PFTY
  • Hannah Pelofsky, BEFTY
  • Jenny Pushner, SHAFTY
  • Joci Rodenstein, BAYGL
  • Noah Solomon, The Shalomites
  • Jake Wolfson, BELY

For more information about the JOSTY Shul-In for junior high schoolers, click here!