Blog  Announcing December Institute 2016 Personnel!

Announcing December Institute 2016 Personnel!

We are pleased to announce our personnel for December Institute 2016! We are currently looking for Program Committee members to help facilitate programs and activities, as well as Kesher Mentors to help welcome new members to our community. Sign up for these roles by filling out the Leadership Opportunities form, and if you’ve already shown an interest, expect to hear from us soon!

Andrew Baxter, JUICY
Dana Baxter, JUICY
Ben Lawee, LEFTY
Gianna Michaelson, GRSLY
Zeke O’Neill, FROGY
Maya Seckler, SHAFTY

Experience Coordinators:
Tyler Boroshok, the Shalomites
Julia Clardy, LEFTY
Emily Diamond, SHAFTY
Max Fink, BIFTY
Sam Gessman, PROVTY
Natalie Harder, BELY

Prayer Coordinators:
Ari Drayman, PFTY
Jess Friedman, BELY
Hannah Levine, BATY
Emily Milnamow, WAFTY
Joci Rodenstein, BAYGL
Ben Schwartz, TASTY
Naomi Shimberg, PROVTY
Tara Snapper, BELY
Josh Waxman, the Shalomites
Olivia Weiss, BEFTY