Blog  Announcing JOSTY Shul-In Personnel!

Announcing JOSTY Shul-In Personnel!

We are very excited to announce the personnel for the JOSTY Shul-In! JOSTY is our annual event for middle schoolers hosted by Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline. The following teens have committed to facilitating programming, acting as role models and mentors, and introducing the 6-8th graders to the wonderful world of NFTY Northeast! Mazel tov to:

Aaron Hamilton, LEFTY
Adam Kaplan, GRSLY
Alexa Tanzer, the Shalomites
Dani Schultz, BATY
Hannah Kusnitz, BEFTY
Hannah Wald, SPFTY
Jess Giordano, FROGY
Jill Mackillop, the Shalomites
Lexi Girard, WAFTY
Mikayla Fier, BATY
Miki Lazowski, SCOOBY
Myles Hoffman, SHAFTY
Noah Gilbert, LEFTY
Rachel Holley, GRSLY
Rachel Shatz, TASTY
Sam Segal, the Shalomites
Serena Tanzer, MANTY
Sophia Ryterband, LEFTY
Steffany Hamilton, GRSLY
Stephen Zenack, TeCSY
Sumner Lewis, SPFTY