Blog  Mazel Tov to the 5778 Regional Board!

Mazel Tov to the 5778 Regional Board!

We are proud to announce the Regional Board for 5778, elected on Sunday at Asefah (our general board meeting) at Spring Conclavette!

President: Eliza Wizner, NUTSY
Liaison Vice President: Ben Schwartz, TASTY
Programming Vice President: Emily Milnamow, WAFTY
Religious & Cultural Vice President: Naomi Shimberg, PROVTY
Social Action Vice President: Tara Snapper, BELY
Membership & Financial Vice President: Josh Waxman, the Shalomites
Corresponding Secretary: Cam Adler, BATY
Recording Secretary: Danny Silverston, BELY
NFTY Representative: Ione Heigham, LEFTY
NFTY Representative: Adam Kaplan, GRSLY

Join us for the installation of the new Regional Board at Asefah at Leadership Kallah, May 14!