Blog  Announcing December Institute Personnel 2017!

Announcing December Institute Personnel 2017!

We are pleased to announce the personnel for December Institute 2017. We hope you will join us there! In the meantime, don’t forget to register for Fall Conclavette and BATY’s Levi Leap!



  • Emma Frank, BELY
  • Ethan Gofstein, HEFTY
  • Ben Koplovsky, SHASTY
  • Shaina Morrell, BEFTY
  • Hugh Smith, YOBS
  • Olivia Weiss, BEFTY

Experience Coordinators:

  • Elias Benghiat, LEFTY
  • Noah Degroult-Elias, YOBS
  • Anna Edgren, WAFTY
  • Jessie Goober, LEFTY

Prayer Coordinators:

  • Hayden August, WAFTY
  • Julia Clardy, LEFTY
  • Sage Fabricant, LEFTY
  • Sam Gessman, PROVTY
  • Raelyn Gladstone, BESTY
  • Lauren Kanter, BELY
  • Becca Leopold, LEFTY
  • Ben Shapiro, BESTY
  • Rachel Shatz, TASTY
  • Daniel Thompson, SHAFTY