Blog  Regional Board Nominations 2020-2021

Regional Board Nominations 2020-2021

We are pleased to announce the nominees for Regional Board 2020-2021:

President: Aaron Cohen, GRSLY
Liaison Vice President: Rita Hart, SHASTY
Programming Vice President: Sam Goldstone, STIFTY
Religious and Cultural Vice President: Mimi Gotbetter, BELY
Social Action Vice President: Emily Kociubes, LEFTY
Membership and Financial Vice President: Talia Mesnik, BESTY
Corresponding Secretary: Sean Haviland, BESTY
Recording Secretary: Jessie Miller, TeCSY
NFTY Representative: Jera Gibney, CONTY
NFTY Representative: Justin Silver, MANTY

Any teen who submitted a Leadership Application is automatically self-nominating for the position they specified on their application. If an applicant wants to opt out of self-nominations, the deadline to do so is February 21. All candidates will be announced by March 6, and elections will be held on March 29. at Spring Conclavette.

Click here for more information about the leadership selection in NFTY-NE.

Mazel tov to the nominees and good luck to all candidates!