Meet Our Regional Board

Aaron Cohen, President
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Aaron Cohen could not be more excited to serve NFTY Northeast as Regional President this year. A proud citizen of the nutmeg state and an even prouder GRSLY member, Aaron can often be found behind a piano, on a run, or contemplating what to eat next. He is passionate about many things, but mostly he just likes making other people smile. Aaron can’t wait to see all that lies ahead for NFTY in 5781!

Rita HartLiaison Vice President
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Rita Hart is extremely excited and honored to serve as the 5781 NFTY NE Liaison Vice President. She is from Cohasset, Massachusetts and a proud member of SHASTY. When Rita is not at NFTY, she likes spending time with her 2 dogs, rowing, dancing, pouring coffee, and working with the elderly at her local retirement home. She loves making new friends and is always always up to talk with anyone. Rita is eager to work with the region and to see what amazing things are in store for NFTY NE in the next year. 

Sam Goldstone, Programming Vice President
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Are you confused about the true meaning of friendship? Until he joined NFTY, so was Sam Goldstone, who is excited to serve as your Programming Vice President on the 5871 Regional Board. He resides in Wayland, MA and is a proud member of STIFTY. As an impassioned activist and effective communicator, Sam can usually be found debating policy resolutions and fighting for social justice on small and large scales in different communities. If you make him a chicken parm, he’ll be your best friend!

Mimi GotbetterReligious and Cultural Vice President
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Mimi Gotbetter is thrilled to serve as the region’s Religious and Cultural Vice President for the year 5781! Mimi lives in Weston, MA, and is a proud member of BELY. She is an enthusiast of many things, most notably Judaism, social action, music, collecting houseplants, and images of rats holding tiny instruments. Most of all she loves meeting new people and having conversations about pretty much anything. Mimi cannot wait for another fantastic year with the NFTY NE community!

Emily Kociubes, Social Action Vice President
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Emily Kociubes is absolutely jazzed to serve as the 5781 Social Action Vice President! She lives in the lovely town of Bedford, MA and is her youth group LEFTY’s biggest fan. When she is not fighting for social justice or getting too emotional over NFTY’s Havdalah services, Emily can often be found working on (and thoroughly enjoying) her chemistry homework, going on long walks with friends, or relaxing in a nice hammock. This year, Emily is ecstatic to have good conversations and work with this wonderful region!

Talia Mesnik, Membership & Financial Vice President
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Talia Mesnik is so excited to serve as the 5781 NFTY NE Membership and Financial Vice President! Talia is from Needham Massachusetts and is a member of BESTY. Don’t be shy if you see Talia at a NFTY event because she loves to meet new people. Outside of NFTY she also loves to sing and fight for social justice! She is always down for a good political discussion. Talia is psyched to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones in this upcoming year! She also encourages you to buy as much merch as you can fit in your bag!

Sean Haviland, Corresponding Secretary
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Sean Haviland is excited to be on the NFTY NE regional board as 5781’s Corresponding Secretary! Sean lives in Millis, MA and is a very active member at the best TYG ever, BESTY! When Sean is not posting on social media, he can be found in the gym pumping heavy iron, punching people in the face in the sparring ring, or spending time with his two cute and adorable baby siblings. Sean is in love with and fascinated by America History, and is beyond excited for Chemistry and Psychology as he goes into his senior year. Sean looks forward to seeing what this year of NFTY has to hold.

Jessica Miller, Recording Secretary 
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Jessica Miller is super excited to serve as the NFTY-NE 5781 Recording Secretary. Jess has been active in NFTY-NE since the Spring Conclavette in 2017. When she is not at NFTY, she spends her time with her family (including her favorite family member - her dog, Tanner), throwing for her high school Track & Field team, teaching herself how to code, and volunteering as a Soccer Special Olympics Partner. Jess loves to help people in her community whenever she can. Jess is looking forward to working hard in order to make this year the best it can be.

Jera Gibney, NFTY Representative #1
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According to the buzzfeed Home Design Toast Topping Quiz, Jera Gibney is beans. Meaning they are “...a trustworthy and steadfast person who is not phased by anything life throws at her!” Jera is very excited to move forward with the NFTY NE Community as the 5781 NFTY Rep #1! Jera is from   New Hampshire and when thye're not attending NFTY NE events, they are drawing, painting, dancing, singing, spending time with her family, and/or taking useless buzzfeed quizzes (as seen above). They are super pumped to have another amazing year in NFTY!

Justin Silver, NFTY Representative #2
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Justin Silver is euphoric to serve as your 5781 NFTY Representative #2 on the Regional Board. Justin is from Bedford, New Hampshire, where he was an honored member of MANTY. You can always find Justin with his dog Mooshu who also happens to be the biggest Eagles fan in the world. When he is not with his puppy (which is very rare), you will probably find him running, biking, snowboarding, or working at the local hardware store. Justin will do anything to see NFTY Northeast thrive as a region and can’t wait to see it grow this year.

Meet Our Sub-Regional Chairs

Jera Gibney, CONTY
Goffstown, NH
North Subregion Co-Chair

Tirzah Shalek, HEFTY
Danville, NH
North Subregion Co-Chair

Isaac Popper, NAWDTY
Medfield, MA
South Subregion Co-Chair


Talia Mesnik, BESTY
Needham, MA
East Subregion Co-Chair


Jon Snyder, BELY
Needham, MA

East Subregion Co-Chair


Rachel Mulligan, PFTY
Pittsfield, MA

West Subregion Co-Chair


Erica Schechter, WESTY
Shrewsbury, MA

West Subregion Co-Chair


Aaron Cohen, GRSLY
Glastonbury, CT

Connecticut Subregion Co-Chair



Meet Our Kesher Coordinators

Molly Cooper, NAWDTY
Franklin, MA

Becca Rosenbaum, SHASTY
Hull, MA


NFTY Northeast is governed by a board of teen leaders who are selected to serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The region is split up into Subregions, managed by Subregional Chairs. All teens leaders are mentored by our regional staff, who oversee all programs and administration.

Our Staff

Emily Messinger
NFTY - East Area Manager
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