Meet Our Regional Board

Eliza Wizner, President
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Are you in NFTY-NE? Do you love dogs? Do you play the cello mediocrely? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be Eliza Wizner! If you are, then you must be super excited to serve as President of NFTY-NE in 5778. But actually, Eliza truly cannot wait for an incredible year, and looks forward to meeting everyone.

Ben SchwartzLiaison Vice President
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Ben Schwartz is thrilled to serve as this year’s NFTY Northeast Liaison Vice President. He lives in Sharon, Massachusetts and is a member of TASTY. Ben is an avid sports fan, music enthusiast and lover of all things NFTY. When he finally gets a break from his school work, you can find Ben on the varsity baseball field, playing saxophone in the school band, or chatting with his NFTY pals. Ben is hyped for an incredible year to come in NFTY Northeast.

Emily Milnamow, Programming Vice President
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Emily Milnamow is Programming Vice President for the 5778 year. You can usually find Emily snuggling with her cat, reading Joan Didion books, or discussing deep philosophical questions about life. Emily is a proud member of WAFTY, located in Westborough, Massachusetts. She is beside herself to have the honor of facilitating programming for the region this year.

Naomi ShimbergReligious and Cultural Vice President
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Naomi is incredibly excited to serve as Religious and Cultural Vice President for the 5778 Regional Board. She's from Providence, RI (smallest state with the longest name!) where she is an avidly proud member of PROVTY. If you're ever looking for Naomi, chances are you'll find her jumping up and down at song session, contemplating life, painting, or training to be the first woman on the moon.

Tara Snapper, Social Action Vice President
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Tara is from Wellesley MA and goes to Temple Beth Elohim where she lives and dies for her youth group BELY. Tara loves spending time with her friends and sisters, whether that means shopping, going to the movies, going for walks, or just hanging around. Her busy life is filled with working at an ice cream store called Truly Yogurt (come visit her!), going to board meetings for her temple, playing field hockey, or trying to get all her homework done. She is really passionate about resolving the wage gap and improving health care. Tara can not wait to work with NFTY as SAVP to help make our world a little bit better (or a lot!)

Josh Waxman, Membership & Financial Vice President
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Joshua is exhilarated to be serving as the Membership and Financial Vice President for the 2017-2018 regional board! He is a proud member of THE Shalomites and he lives in Merrimack NH. When Josh isn't at NFTY, you can find him talking about NFTY while wearing NFTY merch, running cross country and track, or participating in several community service clubs in his town and school!

Cameron Adler, Corresponding Secretary 
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Cameron is so ecstatic for this upcoming year serving as the Corresponding Secretary for the 2017-2018 Regional Board. Cameron resides in Framingham, MA (biggest town in the U.S.A until 2018... sadly), and is a member of BATY. If you ever want to find Cameron outside of NFTY, you could find him on the fields playing soccer or ultimate frisbee, singing Disney movie songs, or talking to his friends about NFTY. Cameron can't wait for another amazing year of NFTY!

Danny Silverston, Recording Secretary 
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Danny Silverston is thrilled to serve as Recording Secretary of Regional Board 5778. Danny loves jazz, his dog Pluto, and "Portlandia", and he encourages everyone to come talk to him about any/all of those things. Danny lives in Newton, Massachusetts, and is a proud member of BELY.

Ione Heigham, NFTY Representative 
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Arlington (MA), volleyball, LEFTY, tobacco prevention, ice cream, "Walking in the Sun" by: Pang, NFTY Representative #1. How do all these things connect? Ione Skyler Heigham. She is really excited for this next year!

Adam Kaplan NFTY Representative 
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Adam Kaplan is excited to be your NFTY Representative #2 for the 5778 year! Besides his everlasting love for NFTY, Adam loves to ski, hang out with his friends and go for long walks on the beach. He's from Glastonbury, CT and a proud member of GRSLY.

NFTY Northeast is governed by a board of teen leaders who are selected to serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The region is split up into Subregions, managed by Subregional Chairs. All teens leaders are mentored by our regional staff, who oversee all programs and administration.


Leah King Kaufman


Leah King Kaufman is the Senior Regional Director of Youth Engagement for the Northeast. Leah is originally from Connecticut and attended McGill University in Montreal….

Aaron Gurvis


Aaron is very excited to be joining the NFTY-NE team! Aaron is currently finishing his third year at Temple Beth Shalom in Needham, MA. Among other responsibilities at TBS,…

NFTY-NE Songleaders

Maddi Kesten & Joci Rodenstein

Regional Songleading Chairs

NFTY-NE Subregional Chairs

Click here for more information about our Subregions!


Adam Flanders, MANTY
Manchester, NH
North Subregion Co-Chair



Alexa Tanzer, the Shalomites
Chelmsford, MA
North Subregion Co-Chair



Rachel Shatz, TASTY
Sharon, MA
South Subregion Co-Chair



Jake Cohen, SHASTY
Hingham, MA
South Subregion Co-Chair



Anna Garf, BESTY
Needham, MA
East Subregion Co-Chair



Jared Swartz, BATY
Ashland, MA
East Subregion Co-Chair


Jessica Becker, BIFTY
Fairfield, CT
West Subregion Co-Chair



Peter Raider, WAFTY
Franklin, MA
West Subregion Co-Chair