Meet Our Regional Board

Abigail Bala, President
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Abigail Bala is psyched to be serving as NFTY-NE’s President for 5780! Abigail hails from Belmont, MA and is a proud member of BEFTY. When not doing all things NFTY-NE, she can be found recreating lip-syncs from RuPaul’s Drag Race, up-cycling clothing, or participating in her school’s Drama club. Please approach Abigail at any event to conversate about handcrafting memes or food. She cannot wait for the incoming year!

Daniel ShimbergLiaison Vice President
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Daniel “Shimmy” Shimberg is honored to be your 5780 Liaison Vice President. He is a proud member of PROVTY which can be found in the small, but mighty, state of Rhode Island. When not at a NFTY event, Shimmy can be found running, jumping, or doing both at the same time. His favorite food is anything made by his mom, although one time Shimmy ate 94 Totino’s pizza bites in one sitting. If you see him around at an event this year, ask him about his hat. Shimmy is patiently waiting to see what is next for NFTY this year.

Rachel Bindman, Programming Vice President
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Rachel Bindman is five feet of fun, and honored to be serving on the 5780 Regional Board as Programming Vice President. She resides in Newton, Massachusetts and is a proud member of Temple Shalom’s SHAFTY. In her free time, she can be found on the softball field playing outfield or singing with her school choir. If you ever want to talk about the difference between croissants and bagels Rachel is the right person for you.

Danya Dubrow-CompaineReligious and Cultural Vice President
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Danya Dubrow-Compaine is beyond excited to serve as the 5780 NFTY NE Religious and Cultural Vice President! When she’s not hanging out with all her favorite NFTYites, you can find her playing tennis, cello, or watching any and every CW show. If you’re wondering where the dried mango went, she definitely ate it all. Danya is looking forward to a fantastic year of NFTY!

Sarah Snyder, Social Action Vice President
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Sarah Snyder is thrilled to serve her region as the 5780 Social Action Vice President! She is from Brookline, MA and a proud member of the newly ratified PONY. In her free time, Sarah can be found singing with her student-run a cappella group or school choir, working with children, or feasting at the Cheesecake Factory. She enjoys discussing the world and meeting new people, and she cannot wait to experience a whole lot of both in the upcoming year!

Dan Freedman, Membership & Financial Vice President
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What do a bike and Dan Freedman have in common? They both are serving as your MFVP this year, except for the bike. Dan can be found taking photos, watching Boston sports, or just making people smile. He is from the lovely town of Cumberland, Rhode Island and a proud member of PROVTY. The love for NFTY within Dan is ready to be spread across the region this year.

Dani Taub, Corresponding Secretary
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Dani Taub is overjoyed to serve as your 5780 Corresponding Secretary. Dani is from Bedford, New Hampshire, where she is a dedicated member of MANTY. Every Wednesday night at 8, you can find Dani watching her all-time favorite show, Survivor. If she is not watching Survivor you will probably find her with her three dogs, Alyce, Spencer, and Lady Mildred. Whether it is about Survivor or dogs, or anything in between, Dani is always up for a good conversation and can’t wait to see what amazing things that the NFTY NE region will do this year!

Aileen Mcdonald, Recording Secretary 
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Aileen McDonald is incredibly excited to serve as Recording Secretary on the 5780 Regional Board! She is a proud member of SHASTY, located in Hingham, Massachusetts. When Aileen is not at NFTY, you can find her listening to Hebrew tunes or constantly talking about how much she loves NFTY NE! When she is not doing something related to NFTY (sad face), you can find her on the water working as a sailing instructor, eating lots of salad, advocating for the environment, and helping her community. Aileen can’t wait for the year ahead for our amazing region!

Fiana Herscovici, NFTY Representative #1
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Fiana Herscovici is delighted to serve as NFTY Representative #1 on the 5780 Regional Board! She lives in Framingham, Massachusetts and is an enthusiastic member of BATY. When she is not advocating for the benefits of Jewish Youth Groups (she loves talking about Diller and the Jewish Teen Initiative), you can find Fiana at the beach, eating ice cream with her sisters, traveling, or shelving library books. Fiana is eager to begin leading the region in another great year of NFTY!

Alex Weisman, NFTY Representative #2
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Alex Weisman is extremely excited to serve as NFTY Representative #2 on the 5780 Regional Board. He is from Fairfield, Connecticut where he is a member of BIFTY. If he’s not on the slopes skiing, you can find him playing ultimate frisbee, or watching too much TV. He is thrilled for the incredible upcoming year in NFTY NE!

Meet Our Sub-Regional Chairs

Jera Gibney, CONTY
Goffstown, NH
North Subregion Co-Chair

Tirzah Shalek, HEFTY
Danville, NH
North Subregion Co-Chair

Isaac Popper, NAWDTY
Medfield, MA
South Subregion Co-Chair


Talia Mesnik, BESTY
Needham, MA
East Subregion Co-Chair


Jon Snyder, BELY
Needham, MA

East Subregion Co-Chair


Rachel Mulligan, PFTY
Pittsfield, MA

West Subregion Co-Chair


Erica Schechter, WESTY
Shrewsbury, MA

West Subregion Co-Chair


Aaron Cohen, GRSLY
Glastonbury, CT

Connecticut Subregion Co-Chair



Meet Our Kesher Coordinators

Molly Cooper, NAWDTY
Franklin, MA

Becca Rosenbaum, SHASTY
Hull, MA


NFTY Northeast is governed by a board of teen leaders who are selected to serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The region is split up into Subregions, managed by Subregional Chairs. All teens leaders are mentored by our regional staff, who oversee all programs and administration.


Joie Magnone

Joie is very excited to be joining the NFTY-NE team as the Regional Advisor! Joie just finished her third year at Temple Beth-El in Providence, RI as the Director…