NFTY NE Virtual Fall Conclavette

Join NFTY Northeast for an autumnal celebration, where Temple Youth Group empowerment is the name of the game!  Each program and service of NFTY NE's Fall Conclavette (FONC) has been created and will be led by a different TYG, allowing all the communities that make up our great region to shine.

Participants will need to register for each program individually. Go to RJ on the Go or click the name of each program below to register and sign-in for the event.

Questions? Email Aaron Cohen, NFTY NE President, or Emily Messinger, NFTY East Area Manager.

Friday, November 13

Program 1/9: Scavenger Hunt (5:30 pm)

led by TeCSY

Join us as we learn more about each other through a scavenger hunt! Be prepared to search your home for goofy and meaningful objects that we will use to connect with one another.

Program 2/9: Choose Your Own Shabbat Adventure (8:30 pm)

led by BESTY

Join BESTY for a FONC Shabbat Service where we will participate in small group discussions about a topic of our choosing and enjoy Shabbat prayer.

Saturday, November 14

Program 3/9: Spiritual Experiences (10:30 am)

led by PONY

Enjoy your pick of an alternative prayer experience created and led by NFTY NE PONY members.

Program 4/9: Environmentalism (12:00 pm)

led by SHASTY

Join us for a fun program about the environment!

Program 5/9: You, Me, and We (2:00 pm)

led by STIFTY

Join us for a fun, meaningful exploration of our identities! We will think about what makes us who we are as people, in both our similarities and differences, and will then use this foundation to build our connections to each other (and ultimately, our community).

Program 6/9: Jewish Teens & Climate Change (4:00 pm)

led by LEFTY

We will play Kahoot and then explore how Judaism is connected to climate change. After we learn about specific aspects of climate change, we will have a tweet-off to practice our activism. Finally, we will hear about the work Jewish Youth Climate Movement is doing with LEFTY and how your youth group can get involved.

Program 7/9: Havdallah (8:00 pm)

led by NFTY NE Regional Board Members

Celebrate the end of Shabbat as a NFTY NE commuity during the havdallah service.

Sunday, November 15

Program 8/9: Would You Rather? (11:00 am)

led by WAFTY

Join us for a game of "Would You Rather?" where we will be challenged to choose between donating to or protesting against a social issue. We will learn about each issue, then make and justify our choice about what we support. See you there!

Program 9/9: Asefah/Regional Board Meeting & Friendship Circle (1:30 pm)

led by NFTY NE's Regional Board Members

Join NFTY Northeast for its first asefah of the year! Asefah is an executive board meeting between the Regional Board and all Temple Youth Groups. The asefah agenda will be posted on NFTY NE's regional facebook page during the week of November 9. Following Asefah, we will wrap up the weekend with a NFTY NE friendship circle!